Happy birthday to my Lola. She passed last year and I was fortunate enough to say goodbye and spend a lot more time than I ever did with her. I miss her.

Made With Paper

My lola was the kindest person ever. Her love for family was unconditional. Happy birthday lola!


Roller Frenchies

Digital Illustration
April 2014

Because why not? I swear this is not at all a portryal of my love for french bulldogs. I just wanted to do something different and by different I mean silly and impossible but also fun! 

I miss having more time to do ridiculous illustrations like this ): thanks everyone for continuing to appreciate my art. Ya’ll keep me inspired x

fun music is fun.

I’ll take a dip into the unknown, unknown.

Sunday never disappoints.

My hair was fun last night.

"I never thought I’d believing again"'Miracle' - Kimbra

"I never thought I’d believing again"

'Miracle' - Kimbra

@debbyryan: "I sing and he twirls me and the fountain sounds back us up" [x]

Some iPad type before sleeps

How my twin poses for a photoshoot Vs. How I pose for a photoshoot #twins